Start 2018 off right- join us for our New Year’s Day workout!

Kigami biraki (literally: “opening the mirror”) is a traditional Japanese ceremony to mark the new year (click to learn more about traditional Kigami biraki). We and many other dojos use it as an opportunity to have our first workout of the year.

The workout will begin at 11am on Monday January 1st.  Everyone is welcome!  We look forward to celebrating the New Year together!

Updated Tealight Ceremony and Kick-A-Thon Information

Family Tea Light Ceremony

November 22, 2017 from 5:00 PM to 7:00

Kick-A-Thon to Benefit Morgan Wait begins at 5:30

Dewey’s Martial Arts Academy aims to connect its students and affiliates to the origins of traditional Martial Arts and to enter into bushido. This goal is achieved by the integration of Zen meditation into every student’s practice. The practice of meditation has no religious overtones or content. However, it is an essential counterpart to hard physical training. Today, the bushido spirit remains applicable to each individual’s development. Karate training seeks to develop a “non-quitting” or “bushido” spirit in each student. No matter what the obstacle or difficulty – emotional, physical, or financial – we want students to feel that they can overcome it. The sincere practice of karate can impress this idea into the spirit. This is the modern interpretation of bushido.

The purpose of the Tea Light Ceremony is to help remind ourselves of the blessings we have and enjoy in today’s lifestyles. Through this practice of meditation, each participant will be asked to just sit and breathe and reflect on their blessings.

With these goals in place, we hope you and your family will join us at this year’s Tea Light Ceremony following our Kick -A -Thon to benefit Morgan Wait, a second degree black belt that was recently critically injured in an accident. Please join us this year to help support Morgan as announced in the dojo. She desperately needs our help.

I have always enjoyed sharing the true spirit of the Holiday Season with students and families. Being thankful and sharing
what we have and giving to others that are in need. After the meditation, we share our thoughts, recount our blessings with each other and then follow with a pot luck meal. Please feel free to bring a dish to share.

Please bring a tea light and a tea light holder with you to the ceremony. We will have a limited supply if you do not bring one.

Thank you for your continuous support and friendships.
Shihan Brian Dewey

Special Event: Kick-A-Thon 2017

Kick-A-Thon 2017

November 22, 6pm at the Dojo

This year before our annual Tealight Ceremony we will be doing a special fundraising event to help the family of a fellow karateka:

On August 21, 2017, the day of the solar eclipse, Morgan did yoga in the morning and then went with a friend wine tasting in Sonoma, California, something that she loved to do.  While in Sonoma, Morgan broke her neck when she dove into a pool and easily could have drowned.  Her friend saved her life, but she sustained a C4/C5 level spinal cord injury and is now paralyzed. Currently, she is wheelchair dependent and requires 24 hour a day care.  Morgan has been “classified” as ASIA-A complete, the worst prognosis for a spinal cord injury.

Morgan’s mother is Shihan Susan Warzek of the US Budokai Karate School in Clifton Park.  She trained with and is a long time friend of many of the teachers in our dojo.  All money raised will go to Morgan and her family to help them offset the costly medical bills they have accrued due to her recent accident.

How can you get involved?

  • Get Sponsors. Ask friends relatives, neighbors, business associates and local business to donate a specified amount of money for your participation in the event. Collect the donations and put them in an envelope.  Please convert all cash to check or money order made payable to: Sue Warzek
  • Register. Bring the sponsor form (which you can get by clicking here) with your donations along with the completed consent form to complete your registration at the event.
  • Have fun. Bring a friend and enjoy.

Your participation is vital to the success of this event and will make a big difference for Morgan and Sue.

Summer Picnic and Promotional- July 29

On July 29th we will be holding our annual summer picnic and promotional exam at Bethlehem Town Park located
at Elm Ave.

Instead of our usual paper forms, we will be doing registration for the test online and then you will bring your payment into the dojo before the test.  You must have 2 stripes before signing up for the exam!

Click here to go to the registration form.

We will begin the testing at 10:00 am sharp, so all students testing for an upgrade will need to be there
by 9:30 am in uniform (no t-shirts for the test; you are welcome to change after the promotional ceremony is completed).

Please consider bringing a dish to share at the picnic and enough drink for you and your family / guests.
There will be a sign up sheet at the dojo or you can use the electronic version: Click here for the picnic food sign-up sheet.

Schedule of events for the Day:

  • 8:30 am Black Belt Meeting / Set Up
  • 9:00 am Student / Family Arrival
  • 10:00 am Testing begins
  • 12:00 noon: Start the grills / serving lunch (hamburgers / hotdogs provided by the dojo)
  • 1:30 Awards / Certificates
  • 2:00—4:00 Pool / Seminars
  • 4:00 Clean up

Upcoming special Events:

September 3rd Hanshi Judnick Seminar

Please see Sensei Tony Dissaro for more information or email him at

September 10th Black Belt Clinic

All Black Belt (Dan) Ranks are strongly encouraged to attend: (10:00 am – 3:00 PM)
Cost is $30.00
Please sign up early for this event.

September 17th Kyu Clinic

Sunday 10:00 – 2:30 PM
All Kyu Ranks are strongly encouraged to attend:
Cost is $30.00
Please sign up early for this event. (see sign up sheet)
Kyu clinics are designed to give each participating student detailed instruction and information to assist them in mastering specific test requirements for each level. Each student will receive an updated syllabus with illustrations; everybody attending will receive two class credits towards their next promotional exam.

Want to learn everything you need to know for your current Kyu rank? Attend the Kyu clinic!

Kyu Clinic to be held Sunday May 21st

  • What’s a Kyu Clinic?
    • It’s a chance to get focused training on material specific for your rank.
  • When is the Kyu Clinic?
    • The Kyu Clinic starts at 8am.
  • Who should go to the Kyu Clinic?
    • If you are hoping to be eligible to test at the summer test/promotional/family picnic (save the date- 7/29), this is a great opportunity to make sure you learn your specific material.
  • How much does the Kyu Clinic cost?
    • This additional training opportunity is just $20 for 3 hours of training.

We look forward to seeing you next Sunday morning! Osu!