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Tealight Ceremony 11/26

Wednesday, November 26, 2014
6:00 PM

Come together as dojo family to start the celebration of the Thanksgiving Holiday a night early!  Bring a tea light candle (and a holder) and join us as we take time to reflect on everything good we all have in our lives.  This event has been very well received in the past with  attendance exceeding 75 people! You do not have to be a “member” of the dojo to attend. Hope to see you all there!

This year, we do plan on starting promptly at 6:00 so please arrive at least 15 minutes early as the doors will close at 6:00 and we ask people not to enter or leave the dojo until the ceremony is over (approximately 6:45 PM).  During the ceremony everyone is asked to remain quiet in a state of meditation to reflect on the blessings we are most grateful / thankful for in our lives and then share this with each other at the end of the meditation.

After the ceremony, we usually have a meal by sharing a favorite dish.  Please feel free, if you wish,  to bring either a favorite dish to share or a drink item.  The dojo will provide the paper products and utensils.

I will be bringing in a surprise dish to share ( I hope you like Irish Food)

This is the time when we all can get together and share a brief meditation period to simply focus on our blessings and give thanks.  This is a great way to kick off (no pun intended) the Holiday season.

Please join us for this annual event.   I look forward to seeing you all there.

Thank you very much and I hope that everyone of you have a safe and joyous Thanksgiving Holiday this year.


Shihan Brian Dewey

Thanksgiving Food Drive

Dear Dojo families,

Thanksgiving is the time of year where we can count our blessings and reflect on the fortunate gifts we all have and share.  For the past 15 years, the Dojo has been coming together to help less fortunate families that have either lost a family member, income stream or has experience some form of tragedy.  The main intention is to help ease the burden by supplying a complete Thanksgiving dinner to the family the night before the holiday as an anonymous gift from the community.

You may have noticed that there is a poster board in the main lobby of the dojo.  This poster board holds several items on it that make up a complete traditional Thanksgiving dinner for a family of five.

We are asking our families to please donate one of the items to the cause.  It is our goal to feed 10 targeted families identified through Community Action partnerships and local faith based organizations this year.



with Sensei Roy Goldberg

Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu is a 1200 year old Samurai martial art. It has directly influenced the development of many popular martial arts, such as Aikido,Shorinji Kempo, Hakko Ryu Jujitsu and Hapkido. Goldberg Sensei is the East Coast representative of the Daito Ryu Kodokai and Senior student of Kiyama Hawayo Shihan. Goldberg (Shingen) Sensei is one of only a handful of practitioners in the world who is licensed to teach Daito Ryu by the Kodokai and the only non Japanese to ever receive a Kyoju Dairi (teaching license) in the history of the Daito Ryu Kodokai. Goldberg Sensei’s ability to teach and transmit the techniques of Daito Ryu are unequaled! His goal is to continue to spread the beautiful art of Daito Ryu to those students willing to train hard to learn this 1200 year old martial art, which is considered a national treasure in Japan.

Sensei Goldberg 2

This Seminar is open to practitioners of all martial arts, at all levels of rank. Although we recommend that participants have some training, Goldberg Sensei will show techniques that people of all ranks can learn at different levels. Anyone who is a student of the martial arts would benefit greatly from exposure to Goldberg Sensei’s teachings!

Please join us for a weekend of hard shugyo (training) in a martial art that is seldom seen outside of Japan!

  • Date: December 6th and 7th
  • Time: 12:00pm-4:00pm Saturday and 9:00am-1:00pm Sunday
  • Location: Capital District Martial Arts Center
  • 3 Normanskill Blvd Delmar NY 12054
  • Cost: $120 both days ($100 if registered by 11/21) or $ 75 for 1 day ($60 if registered by 11/21)
  • Make checks payable to CDMAC

*For more info please contact Tony DiSarro @ (518)330-3656 or email

New syllabi now on website

Updated syllabi and an updated class schedule are now available on the website.

Dojo closed for Labor Day Weekend

The Dojo will be closed Friday, August 29th- Monday, September 1st.  We will reopen Tuesday, September 2nd.  Have a fun and safe holiday weekend!

Summer picnic and Promotional 7/27/2014

picnic 2014

Dojo Closed for Memorial day weekend

There will be no classes Friday, May 23rd, through Monday, May 26th.  The dojo will reopen Tuesday, May 27th.  Have a fun and safe holiday weekend!

Our newest nidan and sandan @ Dewey’s Martial Arts…

Our newest nidan and sandan @ Dewey’s Martial Arts Academy

Just posted a video @ Dewey’s Martial Arts Academy…

Just posted a video @ Dewey’s Martial Arts Academy

Just posted a video @ Dewey’s Martial Arts Academy…

Just posted a video @ Dewey’s Martial Arts Academy