Dojo rules

  1. Obey all dojo rules. These rules are critical to your mental and physical training. Eligibility for promotional will be based on compliance to these standards.

  2. Be punctual about your scheduled practices and meetings. The time set for an event to begin is the time you should be in your gi, warmed up, and ready to start.

  3. Wear your karate gi properly, it should always be neat and clean. Your gi should be in good care. NEVER wash your belt.

  4. Keep your body clean. Toenails and fingernails should never be past the edge of your fingers or toes.

  5. Do not wear jewelry of any kind. Wedding rings and newly pierced earrings can be taped to the skin.

    • **Rules 4 and 5 are for your safety as well as your karate partner**

  6. Do not chew gum or have food in your mouth while on the dojo floor.


    • Bowing is to be done upon entering and leaving the dojo, is to be done at the beginning and end of class to the instructor, and also be done between karateka prior to and upon completion of mutual exercise.

    • Kyu ranks will form one line on the left of dojo with senior kyu on the right. Black belts will always have a line of their own as well as Sadan and every rank above.

    • There is always silence in the dojo when a class is in Makuso.

    • Always refer to senior ranks by their title: ie Senpai, Sensei, ect..

    • Exercise sincerely entering in the spirit of Karate by exercising in accordance with Karate principles and not relying solely on strength.

    • Lower ranks must at all times seek exercise with and ask questions of higher ranks

    • Remain quiet and attentive in the dojo even when you are not in class. Always assume the traditional kneeling position when sitting. Do not sit or lie idly on the floor. Never interfere with others that are exercising. Your behavior should never be disruptive to the class.

    • Always be courteous in demeanor and helpful to all ranks. Without mutual respect Karate can not be passed on.

    • Always be earnest and serious, especially in kumite (sparring). The spirit of fair play; to fight fair and to be obedient to the referee’s judgment. Attach more importance to what you learned rather than the results.

    • Contribute to keeping the dojo in repair and in clean condition. The dojo floor must be cleaned after each class.

    • Enjoy your training!