Special Event: Kick-A-Thon 2017

Kick-A-Thon 2017

November 22, 6pm at the Dojo

This year before our annual Tealight Ceremony we will be doing a special fundraising event to help the family of a fellow karateka:

On August 21, 2017, the day of the solar eclipse, Morgan did yoga in the morning and then went with a friend wine tasting in Sonoma, California, something that she loved to do.  While in Sonoma, Morgan broke her neck when she dove into a pool and easily could have drowned.  Her friend saved her life, but she sustained a C4/C5 level spinal cord injury and is now paralyzed. Currently, she is wheelchair dependent and requires 24 hour a day care.  Morgan has been “classified” as ASIA-A complete, the worst prognosis for a spinal cord injury.

Morgan’s mother is Shihan Susan Warzek of the US Budokai Karate School in Clifton Park.  She trained with and is a long time friend of many of the teachers in our dojo.  All money raised will go to Morgan and her family to help them offset the costly medical bills they have accrued due to her recent accident.

How can you get involved?

  • Get Sponsors. Ask friends relatives, neighbors, business associates and local business to donate a specified amount of money for your participation in the event. Collect the donations and put them in an envelope.  Please convert all cash to check or money order made payable to: Sue Warzek
  • Register. Bring the sponsor form (which you can get by clicking here) with your donations along with the completed consent form to complete your registration at the event.
  • Have fun. Bring a friend and enjoy.

Your participation is vital to the success of this event and will make a big difference for Morgan and Sue.

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