Want to learn everything you need to know for your current Kyu rank? Attend the Kyu clinic!

Kyu Clinic to be held Sunday May 21st

  • What’s a Kyu Clinic?
    • It’s a chance to get focused training on material specific for your rank.
  • When is the Kyu Clinic?
    • The Kyu Clinic starts at 8am.
  • Who should go to the Kyu Clinic?
    • If you are hoping to be eligible to test at the summer test/promotional/family picnic (save the date- 7/29), this is a great opportunity to make sure you learn your specific material.
  • How much does the Kyu Clinic cost?
    • This additional training opportunity is just $20 for 3 hours of training.

We look forward to seeing you next Sunday morning! Osu!

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